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12 February 2021

Cue of the Week: “Paris”

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We’ve reached the denouement of the Lady Usher film score, a reprise of the opening theme for protagonist Morgan.

As always, it’s tough to describe what’s going on cinematically without spoilers. Suffice to say that the final musical twist suggests an appropriately Poe-like closing.

It’s been a pleasure sharing with you selections from this score, which picked up an award during the course of these posts. A final shoutout to the musicians who made the music come to life: Cosima Luther, Steven Huber, Daniel Adams (violins); Laurann Woods, Brandon Encinas (violas); Simone Vitucci (cello); Tom Strahle (guitars); Jennifer Lin (conductor). And thanks as always to filmmaker George Adams, with whom artistic collaboration is always a pleasure.


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