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26 October 2020

“Lady Usher” wins Best Score award

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I’m pleased to announce that my score for Lady Usher won Best Original Score from the New York Cinematography Awards competition. Continued gratitude to writer/director George Adams for the opportunity to collaborate on this feature, and for supporting the use of live musicians in film music.

A soundtrack album release for the score is in the works. In the meantime you can hear excerpts in my Cue of the Week blog.


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  1. Chris Brown

    Way to go, Mike! Henceforth you shall be referred to as “my award-winning composer friend” which is a big promotion from just “my composer friend”, which itself was a step up from “my friend the software guy who thinks he’s some kind of composer”, which of course was a modest improvement on “that guy in that crummy apartment who needs a ride somewhere”.


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