November 2021
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Cue of the Week: “Laid-Back Loot Grab”

This week’s selection is another cue from Tales of the Dread-Naught Kid, a bouncy tropical accompaniment for a loot collection phase of the game. The game’s pirate-y essence is well-represented by the bandoneon, an instrument similar to an accordion.

In other news, I’m bristling with excitement about an impending game soundtrack release. I’m just waiting for it to appear on all the major streaming platforms before tooting the proverbial horn. Watch this space for more info!

October 2021
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Cue of the Week: “Light Inside”

This song was originally written for the end credits of the feature documentary Touché: A Blind Fencer’s Story, which I also scored. The lyrics reflect the theme of the film: maintaining inner strength and hope when the outside world feels remote.

The tune has been re-recorded and remastered for the newest album release from Natalie Nicole Gilbert, Recovery. The music has been transposed into a new key, putting Natalie’s vocals in a particularly gorgeous and expressive register. If you enjoy the tune, check out the entire album on SoundCloud, Spotify, or Apple Music.

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Morituri Te Salutant // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
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  2. Emerald, Texas // Highlights
  3. Mythic Battle // Highlights
  4. The Yard Sale // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  5. Investigations // Highlights
  6. Home Room // Highlights
  7. Sands of Arabia // Highlights
  8. Spider Cult // Highlights
  9. Poker Night // Highlights