January 2019
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Cue of the Week: “The Journey Underway”

Continuing the Hex series, this week’s selection was composed for the game’s map view screen. Here I wanted to convey both a fleetness of foot (the player is traveling around the planet, after all) as well as gravitas (since big warlike events are happening).

The staccato flute pattern is the game’s main theme, repurposed into a repeating accompaniment. This is one of those sneaky tricks that composers use to make an entire score feel cut from the same cloth.

January 2019
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Cue of the Week: “The Anger of the Dwarves”

Written for the online trading card game Hex: Shards of Fate, this orchestral march was the theme of the dwarvish player faction. Here dwarves were portrayed as hostile militants rather than grumpy-but-kindhearted, as in Tolkien and elsewhere in fiction and gaming. The tone of the music reflects this warlike personality.

This cue is built on two relatively simple musical ideas: a driving string ostinato (a.k.a. repeated pulse) and a quick up-and-down musical gesture in the low-register horns.

Also prominent is the clanging of a metal anvil, a dwarf-music tradition that originates with Wagner’s opera Das Rheingold. If you’re going to steal, steal from the best!

December 2018
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Cue of the Week: “Prologue to the Crisis”

Here’s the opening music to a darkly satirical political thriller called Our Crisis Cuba, which I scored way back in 2012. Outside very broad comedy, music for satire often takes its subject matter seriously, reflecting the emotions of the characters rather than the audience. Here I adopted an ominous tone, with the governmental backdrop (per film score tradition!) suggested by solo trumpet

Morituri Te Salutant // Michael Gordon Shapiro - HOMEPAGE MUSIC
  1. Morituri Te Salutant // Michael Gordon Shapiro - HOMEPAGE MUSIC
  2. Emerald, Texas // HOMEPAGE MUSIC
  3. Mythic Battle // HOMEPAGE MUSIC
  4. The Yard Sale // Michael Gordon Shapiro - HOMEPAGE MUSIC
  5. Investigations // HOMEPAGE MUSIC
  6. Home Room // HOMEPAGE MUSIC
  7. Sands of Arabia // HOMEPAGE MUSIC
  8. Spider Cult // HOMEPAGE MUSIC
  9. Poker Night // HOMEPAGE MUSIC