December 2007
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Cue of the Week: “Good Guy Gears”

Welcome (back) to MikeMusicRadio! The Cue of the Week feature has been on hiatus during the construction of the new website (and a two-week sojourn to Cyprus on my part), but now that various strata of dust have settled this musical blog is back in business.

This week’s selection is what I call a “little brother” cue –  where a recurring major melody from a score appears in a lighter or more modest form. This cue, from the political thriller The F-Zone, introduces the affirmative theme that is heard throughout the score – most prominently in another cue featured on this site called Flying From Arcadia. Here the theme has a more mischievous quality, as well as a darker bridge section underscoring the sneaking-around portions of the scene.

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Good Guy Gears

November 2007
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Welcome to the new site!

I’m pleased to welcome you to the all-new mikemusic.com, designed from scratch by the web-wizards at Eklektika. The most obvious change is the fresh new look. The previous design always brought in compliments, but after three years it was time to move on.

In addition to being prettier, the new site is also more functional. Dedicated sections for film/TV and game music allow visitors to focus on the kind of music relevant to their interests, and the new streaming music player allows immediate audio gratification without an accompanying clutter of windows. Thanks to these improvements, I can now offer a wider selection of online music samples – though those who’d like custom demos for particular projects are always encouraged to drop me a line.

Speaking of music, those of you who have been following my Cue of the Week blog should have no fear, as MikeMusic Radio remains a part of the new site. The journal page will continue the Cue of the Week feature as well as display any thoughts I might share with the world. There’s also a newsfeed, should you like to see what I’m working on, or peruse my dalliances with print and online journalists.

Finally, if my smiling mug looks less squinty-faced and pixelated than it has in the past, you have ace photographer Edward Hannigan to thank.

In short, I’m thrilled to be able to share the latest incarnation of my online pied-a-terre, and hope you’ll visit often. Enjoy the site!


August 2007
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Michael scores Empire Earth III

Michael has written over an hour of original score for Vivendi’s upcoming real-time strategy game Empire Earth 3. The music reflects the game’s varied geographical climates, as well as the ethnic identities of the various player factions. Michael was also deeply involved in planning the interactive music system, which allows the score to reflect not merely era and faction, but adjust in realtime to the intensity of combat.

In the words of producer Matt Persing, “Instead of having music that would simply accompany the game, it was our mission to ensure that the score reinforced the game experience. With a music engine that controls subtle variation, regional color, and environmental soundscapes, each replay is engaging and unique. ”

This game marks the third collaboration between Michael and developer Mad Doc Software, whose prior projects together include Empire Earth 2 and Jane’s Attack Squadron.

August 2007
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Michael scores Party Foul

Michael has written the score for “Party Foul”, a short film posted online at Annheiser-Busch’s Bud.tv. Party Foul is the centerpiece of Bud.tv’s Finish Our Movie contest, where contestants submit a prospective midsection to complete a film. Michael wrote music both for the original front and end of the film, and collaborated with the winning director and production company MOR Entertainment to score the final section that completed the project.

June 2007
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Against Time feature film released

Second Image Studio’s feature film Against Time is now available in Blockbuster, Netflix, and other DVD sales and rental outlets.

The film stars Robert Loggia, Ean Merrig, and Craig T. Nelson, and features fifty minutes of live orchestral score by Michael Gordon Shapiro, recorded with the Budapest Film Orchestra. A soundtrack album for the film is currently in preparation.

Morituri Te Salutant // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  1. Morituri Te Salutant // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  2. Emerald, Texas // Highlights
  3. Mythic Battle // Highlights
  4. The Yard Sale // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  5. Investigations // Highlights
  6. Home Room // Highlights
  7. Sands of Arabia // Highlights
  8. Spider Cult // Highlights
  9. Poker Night // Highlights