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08 May 2009

Cue of the Week: “Training Montage”

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This happy guitar rock cue – written for an archetypical athletic training montage – wraps up our (discontinuous) month of happy music.

I hadn’t intended every cue in this series to be guitar-oriented, but after reviewing my body of work found that I simply haven’t written a lot of orchestral music with an innocent, upbeat tone. There’s plenty of cues with names like “Final Triumphant Victory”, but they invariably have a militaristic quality. And I’ve written number of romantic cues, which are happy in a kind of Giant Hammer of Emotion sort of way. But when it comes to lighter, happy-go-lucky fare, I invariably seem to return to a more pop music voice.

Speaking of happiness, I’m happy to report that the blank-page problem that was plaguing some Internet Explorer users has been remedied.

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Training Montage


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