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27 September 2013

Cue of the Week: “Touché (Main Titles)”

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Continuing the selections from Touché: A Blind Fencer’s Story, this week’s cue is the music from the opening credits. The haunting black-and-white visual of two fencers dueling in slow-motion inspired this lyrical piece for solo piano.

Piano always feels like a natural match for black and white imagery; the color of the keyboard is an obvious correlate, and since piano is used to make “sketches” of orchestral pieces there may be a functional analogy as well. But ultimately I think it’s the instrument’s focused, consistent sound that makes the association click in my mind.

Those ruminations safely delivered, hope you enjoy the piece!

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Touché (Main Titles)

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