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09 December 2022

Cue of the Week: “The Land in the Sky” (featuring Eurielle)

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Every now and then I get to pen a vocal song for one of my scoring projects. When the option arose to do so for Dice Legacy‘s closing credits, I jumped on the opportunity!

The Land in the Sky is a vocal setting (a fancy term for adding voice and lyrics to existing music) of the game’s main theme. The main attraction here is a dazzling vocal performance from recording artist Eurielle, who also provided ambient vocals for some of the score’s instrumental tracks. The song’s style is reminiscent of dramatic musical theater, or contemporary art-song.

The lyrics reflect the perspective of the game’s protagonistic settlers. Since they inhabit the inside of a ring world, they literally see the land stretch upwards in the distance.

This collaboration was a rare and fulfilling artistic experience. I hope you enjoy the results!


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