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05 October 2018

Cue of the Week: “The Return”


With a new orchestral concert project coming soon (stay tuned for details!), I thought I’d share some excerpts from my earlier guzheng concerto, Identity: Zhongshan Zhuang.

For the uninitiated, a concerto is a piece that alternates focus between the orchestra and a soloist, who is usually positioned at stage front. The soloist is often an instrument like a violin or piano, but in the case of Identity it’s a guzheng – a Chinese folk instrument that sounds a little bit like a cross between a guitar and a harp.

In this excerpt from the third movement, guzheng virtuoso Su Chang enters a little past the one minute mark. If you’d like to hear the full piece, our album (recorded at Warner Brothers) is available via Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and the other usual suspects.


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