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11 January 2008

Cue of the Week: “Star Trek: Stardock Refuel”

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Here’s another selection from the Wii/PS2 game Star Trek Conquest. In contrast to last week’s anthemic musical selection, this cue has a more anticipatory flavor.

We composers often have to get creative in renaming cues for the listening public. Technically this piece is called “Menu Music Cue #2”. This is useful to the developers, who need to organize their game’s audio assets, but doesn’t quite inspire that sense of far-reaching wonderment we associate with the Star Trek franchise.

Film often presents a similar challenge; almost every cue starts out with a name like “Travis Shoots The Guy On The Motorcycle”. It’s up to the composer or album producer to add a little poetry to the soundtrack titles, while at the same time letting fans have a clue what the music originally accompanied. I might therefore rename the cue “High-Speed Pursuit”, but not Threnody On The Horrors of Violence in D Minor”.

Enough digression! Enjoy the music of… space.

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Stardock Refuel


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