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01 April 2022

Cue of the Week: “Redoubt”

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When I share game music, it’s typically something I’ve written for a computer game. This week’s selection, on the other hand, is score for a human-beings-IRL-rolling-dice role playing game, The Lost Citadel.

How does a tabletop RPG have a music accompaniment, you ask? There’s a neat system called Syrinscape that lets gamers add sound effects and music to their D&D or similar experiences. This week’s music is game-specific content for said system.

Music for live gaming is typically ambient, as it has to establish a sense of setting without disrupting the constant conversation between players. This selection is score for a bustling citadel in a post-apocalyptic medieval-ish world. There is some influence of Mideastern folk music, which reflects the adventure’s cultural backdrop.


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