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06 June 2014

Cue of the Week: “Journey to Entrath”


This week’s selection is from Cryptozoic’s forthcoming game Hex: Shards of Fate. This ambient theme, partly a variation of the game’s main title music, accompanies aerial maps and other “big view of the world” occasions.

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Journey to Entrath

2 Responses

  1. Doug Mayfield

    I like the cue but I have a question.

    My overall impression of the tone or meaning of the cue (assuming as I do that one may make a judgment about the meaning of a piece of music) is ‘There’s something quite important going on here but it may not turn out well.’

    Especially the portion of the cue after about the 1:00 mark suggests to me to expect both ‘edgy’ and ‘a bit downbeat’ when playing this game.

    I admit that I know nothing about the game in question except the title which with the use of the words ‘Hex’, ‘Shards’, and ‘Fate’ suggests to me that life in this world of this game may be risky at best.

    Am I ‘overanalysing’?

  2. Bert Bingham

    Love it. I instantly slip through the rabbit-hole into the complex tapestry of good and evil races within the game.

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