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03 November 2023

Cue of the Week: “Hide and Seek”

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Following a rather busy summer, I’m pleased to say that the Cue of the Week blog / mailing list is back!

This week’s selection is the first track I composed for Lifetime’s Secrets Beneath the Floorboards, a thriller about a widow who discovers that her husband was into what we’ll politely call some shady business. Our protagonist struggles to clean up the mess and, BTW, also save her own life from a highly motivated stalker. (Needless to say, this provided lots of opportunities for tense music.)

Secrets takes place in a rustic environment, which inspired the acoustic guitar as well as the washboard-esque percussion. There are also some less-familiar sounds that add a dash of what’s going on here?, to use the technical term.

p.s. If you’d like to hear the music in context, you can watch the film over at Lifetime!


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