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21 February 2014

Cue of the Week: “Bite of the Desert”


Since my previous cue was a romanticized, melodic interpretation of a desert environment, I thought I’d offer a contrasting take on the same subject. This week’s selection is visceral and raw, evoking a desert’s harsh conditions and oppressive heat. Nothing to hum along to here!

Part of my approach was to include musical timbres that were organic but unfamiliar, to add a creepy and alienating flavor to the score.

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Bite of the Desert

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  1. Dear SDI agree with you except for one fact. The type of marigare you like is also my choice if and only if the matching of chemistry / compatibility is based on actual qualities of the partners. More often than not, both project their best image (at times even untrue image). Also both often see each other through coloured glass. In my view, soft of the separations after marigare are because of this wrong judgment.Would like to have your / other readers’ views on this pointBijanBijan

  2. Dear SDsorry for a typing error. pelase readIn my view, MOST of the separations after marriage are because of this wrong judgment.IN PLACE OFIn my view, SOFT of the separations after marriage are because of this wrong judgment.Bijan

  3. SivVeldig mange barn trives i barnehagen og utrolig mange foreldre er fornøyde med «sine» barnehager. Og jeg sier heller ikke at det at barn gÃ¥r i barnehage eller barnepark skaper problemer for barna senere hen. Men ingen gir noe svar pÃ¥ det jeg egentlig spør om, sÃ¥ kanskje jeg mÃ¥ omformulere spørsmÃ¥let, legge til et ledd?Ha en fin kveld mormor recently posted..

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