March 2021
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Cue of the Week: Walking

This music introduces a short film called Dead Line, which I scored many years ago. Detuned piano, fiddle drones, and exotic bells create a disquieting atmosphere to accompany a lone figure walking through the Nevada desert at dusk.

“Detuned piano” usually implies a deliberate process, but here I was taking advantage of a piano that was already out of tune. 🙂

February 2021
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“Craving Greatness” festival screening

Craving Greatness, a fictionalized video essay about the creative process, will be featured in the Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival a week from Saturday. I had a very enjoyable time writing the solo piano score for this charming and expressive film. Click here for info or festival tickets!

Morituri Te Salutant // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  1. Morituri Te Salutant // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  2. Emerald, Texas // Highlights
  3. Mythic Battle // Highlights
  4. The Yard Sale // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  5. Investigations // Highlights
  6. Home Room // Highlights
  7. Sands of Arabia // Highlights
  8. Spider Cult // Highlights
  9. Poker Night // Highlights