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22 March 2010

“Santa Monica” now available on ITunes, Amazon

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Michael has collaborated with recording artist Natalie Nicole Gilbert to produce a pop ballad, Santa Monica. The song is now available as a single most major online music vendors, including iTunes and It will also be included in the forthcoming The Best of Natalie Nicole Gilbert.

Natalie Nicole Gilbert

“It was a really relaxing and refreshing departure to work on someone else’s lyrics and composition for a change – in someone else’s studio, with someone else mixing it all down. No buttons to push, no meters to watch, no finger to lift on an instrument. Offering vocals to it felt a bit like contributing eggs to the batter: a small, messy contribution that’s simply pulling together all the more important elements. Thankfully, Mike knew just how to bake the dynamics. In my hands, I would have set off the fire alarm, for sure. ;)”


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