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31 December 2019

Recent project roundup

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I’ve been busy with a number of projects over the past few months, so I thought I’d do a quick roundup here.

I recently finished scoring filmmaker George Adams’ latest feature, Lady Usher. A modern setting of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic Fall of the House of Usher, the film was as macabre and dark as you’d expect — but with a redemptive arc that elevates it beyond a mere creepy vignette. We recorded a fantastic string quartet here in Los Angeles, supplemented by acoustic steel and nylon string guitar, giving the music a organic but intimate texture. I couldn’t be happier with the results and look forward to sharing the music with everyone.

On the interactive entertainment side, in recent months I scored my second VR game for Occulus. The title is undergoing some re-branding and will be formally launched in January, so mum’s the word at the moment. I wrote a larger-than-life orchestral score in a “dark fairytale” vein with an undercurrent of humor, matching the tone of the game itself.

At present I’m composing my next commissioned piece involving the guzheng, or chinese zither. Commissioned by the Ames Town & Gown Chamber Music society, the piece will combine the traditional Western sound of the string quartet with the traditional Eastern sound of the guzheng. I’m delighted that Su Chang (soloist in all my guzheng pieces so far) will be lending her talents to the piece, along with the renowned Telegraph Quartet. The piece will have its world premiere in Ames, IA on the first of May in 2020. Check out the Town & Gown website for more details.

Su Chang performing Michael's guzheng concerto

Also coming up in 2020, and also in the “I can’t talk about it… yet” file is my next game score for DESTINYbit. (I collaborated with them recently on the retro RTS game Empires Apart.) This promises to be a really unique game project, and I’m looking forward to approaching it musically.

That’s the latest and greatest on the music-for-media front. You can get more regular updates on my various social media sites (whose links you can find on this page). More news as events warrant.


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