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22 June 2018

Cue of the Week: “Wizard Ops Tactics”

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Last week I highlighted the music of the game Wizard Ops. The followup game Wizard Ops Tactics wasn’t a pure sequel, in that it was a turn-based strategy game rather than pure action. The new music needed to maintain continuity of style and reference the prior game’s theme, but suggest a somewhat different mood.

The opening music for Tactics is urgent rather than frantic. A new theme is introduced at the start, and the reprise of the Wizard Ops melody takes on the character of a militaristic march. To my own set of associations, this was a good match for the “sitting around a battle map” visual of the splash screen.

On a side note, if you missed my interview by the awesome folks over at The Loudmouth Report podcast, you can check it out here!


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