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29 August 2008

Cue of the Week: “Kate’s Theme”

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I’m posting something a little different this week; rather than a film or game cue, this is a short self-contained piece for solo piano. It was commissioned by a friend as a holiday present for a friend of his own.

As a bonus for you pianists out there, the sheet music for the piece can be found here.  (That last word is actually a link; this blog’s current color scheme may hide the fact on your browser.)  Feel free to download it or share it.

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Kate’s Theme


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  1. Sebastian S.

    Very nice and emotional song, thank you for publishing the music sheet. You do a really great job mr. Shapiro. I want also to thank you for sharing your music with us and for the cues of the week.

    Greetings from Germany

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