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13 May 2022

Cue of the Week: “Dice Legacy Main Theme”

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I’m pleased to share some music from the Dice Legacy soundtrack! This is the game’s main theme, featuring a mournful cello solo courtesy of Simone Vitucci, as well as the first appearance of one of the score’s more distinctive instruments, the Swedish nyckelharpa, played here by Mats Wester. (The latter instrument is featured more prominently in later cues.)

Click below to hear this particular piece. Alternatively, you can stream the entire album on any of the major music services! Here’s a handy link to the album on Spotify/Apple Music/etc.


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  1. Neil Cuadra

    You aren’t making this up. There really is an instrument from centuries ago called the nyckelharpa, it’s still played today, and there’s even an American Nyckelharpa Assocation and a World Nyckelharpa Day. The variety of instruments you use and the variety of compositions you create continue to surprise me.

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