Wizard Ops Tactics

Wizard Ops Tactics

Genre : Turn-based strategy
Platform : iOS, Android (Unity)
Developer : Phyken Media
  1. Army Builder Screen
  2. Pirate Ship Level
  3. The Swamp
  4. Fields of Ice
  5. The Weapons Shop
  6. Into the Skullcano
  7. Wizard Ops Tactics (main theme)

The game

A turn-based, multiplayer, tactical combat game set in the Wizard Ops universe. Players compete for possession of a battleground using a team of wizards and allies with different special abilities.

The score

Since this is a sequel to Wizard Ops with the same larger-than-life character design and cute-angry aesthetic, the score is cut from the same cloth. The orchestra score aims to evoke otherworldly mysticism, military grit, and a humorous disgruntlement in equal parts.

That said, since this is a turn-based rather than an action game, the score is less frenetic and percussive than its precursor. Atmospheric music abounds. Each battleground gets its own theme reflecting a distinct personality: the murky swamp, the frigid ice fields, and the manic Whimsydome.

Army Builder Screen // Wizard Ops Tactics
  1. Army Builder Screen // Wizard Ops Tactics
  2. Pirate Ship Level // Wizard Ops Tactics
  3. The Swamp // Wizard Ops Tactics
  4. Fields of Ice // Wizard Ops Tactics
  5. The Weapons Shop // Wizard Ops Tactics
  6. Into the Skullcano // Wizard Ops Tactics
  7. Wizard Ops Tactics (main theme) // Wizard Ops Tactics