Star Trek: Conquest

Star Trek: Conquest

Genre : Turn-based strategy
Platform : Wii, PS2
Developer : 4J Studios
Publisher : Bethesda
  1. Star Trek Conquest (cue medley)
  2. Federation Victory

The game

A hybrid real-time and turn-based strategy game set in the Star Trek universe. Players purchase ships, recruit admirals, navigate friendly and hostile space, and of course engage in lots of combat.

The score

Star Trek has a long musical tradition, and while I couldn’t legally quote any famous themes from the TV shows or films, I wrote new material that paid tribute to the spirit of genre-defining music by Goldsmith, Horner, and Alexander Courage. The score includes a new main title, ambient music, and themes for the Federation, Klingons, and other canonical factions.

Star Trek Conquest (cue medley) // Star Trek: Conquest
  1. Star Trek Conquest (cue medley) // Star Trek: Conquest
  2. Federation Victory // Star Trek: Conquest