Genre : Comedy
Director : Pat Kerby
Featured actors : Erin Gray, Gary Graham
  1. Lou, the Bass Player
  2. Second Place Blues
  3. Into the Cab
  4. Jay’s Theme
  5. The Groupie
  6. Training Montage
  7. Vegas, Baby

The film

Siren is an indy comedy/drama about a middle-aged woman who starts up a band to recapture the glory of her younger days as a pop star. She contends with eccentric bandmates, brutal low-paying gigs, and the struggle of keeping her marriage together as she comes ever closer to reaching her dream.

The score

Given the subject matter, electro-acoustic pop was clearly the right musical language for the score. The music varied from straight-ahead rock to blues to 70s R&B to folk pop. Since the film featured in-story (diagetic) music being performed by the band, the score had a dual job of supporting the emotions of the story and feeling cut from the same cloth as the onscreen music.

Lou, the Bass Player // Siren
  1. Lou, the Bass Player // Siren
  2. Second Place Blues // Siren
  3. Into the Cab // Siren
  4. Jay’s Theme // Siren
  5. The Groupie // Siren
  6. Training Montage // Siren
  7. Vegas, Baby // Siren