Lady Usher

Lady Usher

Genre : Psychological thriller
Release date : 21 / Sep / 2021
  1. Morgan’s Theme
  2. Tidings From Home
  3. A Few Kind Words
  4. Departing by Train
  5. Arriving at the House of Usher
  6. The Shower
  7. The Gardener
  8. Welcome to My House
  9. Paris

The film

The classic Poe story “Fall of the House of Usher” reimagined as a modern-day psychological thriller, Lady Usher has already racked up a lineup of awards including Best Horror Film (MidWest WeirdFest), Best Suspense/Thriller (International Horror Hotel Film Festival), and Best Thriller/Horror Feature (CARE Awards).

The film is available for streaming on many major platforms including Amazon Prime, YouTube, and DirectTV.

The score

To reflect the 19th century roots of the source material, as well as the intimate character-driven feel of the film, I scored the bulk of the film with string quartet. Live strings are wonderfully expressive, and in the context of a suspense film can create some hair-raising effects through bowing technique alone. Acoustic guitar and harp were added to the mix for moments of mystery or tenderness.

The music won Best Original Score at NYCA Film Fest.

Morgan’s Theme // Lady Usher
  1. Morgan’s Theme // Lady Usher
  2. Tidings From Home // Lady Usher
  3. A Few Kind Words // Lady Usher
  4. Departing by Train // Lady Usher
  5. Arriving at the House of Usher // Lady Usher
  6. The Shower // Lady Usher
  7. The Gardener // Lady Usher
  8. Welcome to My House // Lady Usher
  9. Paris // Lady Usher