Genre : Thriller
Director : Paul Etheredge
  1. Eddie’s Theme
  2. Devil in the Forest
  3. Eddie Meets Jake
  4. The Final Shock
  5. The Bedroom

The film

Billed as the world’s first mainstream gay thriller, HellBent follows four friends through the tumult of the West Hollywood Halloween festival — which provides perfect cover for a scythe-wielding murderer.

The score

The orientation of the four protagonists didn’t particularly impact the score; emotions like anxiety, lust, tenderness, and fear are universal. I did however want a unique musical signature for the film’s antagonist, a silent mass-murderer in a devil costume. Working with wind specialist Bryce Martin, I came upon the perfect musical sound: a six foot length of PVC pipe from which Bryce could get some truly harrowing moans. The raw primeval quality of this pipe provided the perfect accompaniment to the brooding killer.

Eddie’s Theme // HellBent
  1. Eddie’s Theme // HellBent
  2. Devil in the Forest // HellBent
  3. Eddie Meets Jake // HellBent
  4. The Final Shock // HellBent
  5. The Bedroom // HellBent