Ghost Attackers VR

Ghost Attackers VR

Genre : VR co-op shooter, installation-based
Platform : Arcade / VR
Developer : Vitei
Publisher : Gree
Release date : 4 / Dec / 2016
  1. The Ghostly Foyer
  2. The Ghostly Ballroom
  3. The Ghostly Kitchen
  4. Leaving the Mansion

The game

Ghost Attackers VR is a cooperative shooter located in VR Park Tokyo. One player wears a VR helmet and is dropped into a haunted mansion, tasked with obliterating ghosts with a particle accelerator. (I’ve been assured that any resemblance to blockbuster 1984 films is coincidental.) The second player participates via a tablet, playing the role of a drone who provides crucial illumination for the primary player.

The score

The mandate here was clear: a cinematic symphonic approach reflecting the game’s larger-than-life sensibility, madcap pace, and zany humor. Though gameplay was similar between rooms (up to the final boss) I tried to give each room its own musical signature: the opening foyer a frenetic prestissimo, the kitchen a nervous scherzo with Eastern European folk flavor, the ballroom a diabolic grand waltz, and so forth.

I haven’t been to Tokyo to play the game but if the screaming teenager in the video below is any indication, it’s a lot of fun.

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The Ghostly Foyer // Ghost Attackers VR
  1. The Ghostly Foyer // Ghost Attackers VR
  2. The Ghostly Ballroom // Ghost Attackers VR
  3. The Ghostly Kitchen // Ghost Attackers VR
  4. Leaving the Mansion // Ghost Attackers VR