Empire Earth 3

Empire Earth 3

Genre : Real-time strategy
Platform : PC
Developer : Mad Doc Software
Publisher : Sierra
  1. Desert Wastes
  2. Above the World
  3. Fields of Ice
  4. Clash of the Emirates

The game

The final installment in the Empire Earth series, this game also featured resource-management and tactical combat all running in realtime. Like its predecessors, it let players pick from national factions and evolve through the progression of time.

EE3 wasn’t as well-received as its two precursors, and thus brought the game series to a close. Naturally I feel a deep affection for it, but I’m admittedly biased.

The score

This score was heavily adaptive, and I was deeply involved in the speccing out of the reactive aspects of the music. (Ask me if you want to read the dev doc I wrote!) Music reflected not only player faction but the intensity of battle and player line-of-sight as well. One detail I particularly liked was that if battle was going on but the player looked elsewhere – perhaps at a peaceful forest across the world – the score would be a thin line of tension, as opposed to peaceful forest music.

Desert Wastes // Empire Earth 3
  1. Desert Wastes // Empire Earth 3
  2. Above the World // Empire Earth 3
  3. Fields of Ice // Empire Earth 3
  4. Clash of the Emirates // Empire Earth 3