Feature films

Lady Usher, FilmingInc

Emerald, Texas, Emerald Productions

Touché: A Blind Fencer’s Story (feature documentary), Touché Productions

Birdemic 2: The Resurrection, I Got a Fish Productions

Panic Nation (feature documentary), Panic Productions

Against Time (w/Robert Loggia, Craig T. Nelson, and John Amos), Imagination Bay

Siren (w/Erin Grey and Gary Graham), Stage Left Productions

HellBent, Sneak Preview Entertainment

Home Room (starring Erika Christensen, Busy Philips, and Victor Garber), MOR Entertainment

Maximum Justice (featuring Timothy Bottoms, Martin Kove, Corey Fedman and Todd Bridges), CineView Productions

The F-Zone, THF Pictures

Live Long, Drink Juice, MopTop Productions


The Lost Citadel, pub: Green Ronin, dev: Syrinscape

Dice Legacy, pub: Ravenscourt / Koch Media, dev: DESTINYbit

Down the Rabbit Hole, pub: Cortopia Studios, dev: Moon Mode

Empires Apart, pub: Slitherine, dev: DESTINYbit

Cassock – Myghin’s Song, 2C Gaming

Carlton Honeycutt: Nerd Detective, FableLabs

Ghost Attackers VR, Vitei Backroom/Gree

In Hell’s Bright Shadow (with Kyle Johnson), Syrinscape/Paizo

The Dread-Naught Kid, FableLabs

Hex: Shards of Fate, Cryptozoic Studios

Fantasia: Music Evolved (as orchestrator/score supervisor for Inon Zur), Harmonix/Disney

Wizard Ops Tactics, Phyken Media

Wizard Ops Part One, Phyken Media

Strange Rain (expansion), Opertoon

Star Trek Conquest, Bethesda

Empire Earth 3, Vivendi

Empire Earth 2, Activision

Culture, Hidden Path Entertainment

Day of Defeat, Valve/Activison

Jane’s Attack Squadron, XiCat Interactive

Klondike Bar Brawl, Loogaroo

Damnation (game trailers), Blue Omega Entertainment

Codefire Poker (game trailer), Codefire Software

EQKids: Goblin Grove, Zoesis Studios

Blip and the Great Machine (XBox game prototype), 1Up Studios

The Pearl Demon, Zoesis Studios

Mr. Bubb in Space, Zoesis Studios

The Living Letters, Zoesis Studios

The Penguin Who Wouldn’t Swim (PC game prototype), Zoesis Studios


Valkyrie (TV pilot), Neil Biondich

(licensed music in individual episodes)

Undercover Boss, CBS

Nip/Tuck, FX

Dollhouse, Fox

Prison Break, Fox

Spongebob Squarepants, Nickelodeon

Dateline, NBC

Joe Schmo Show, Spike

Fashion House, MyNetworkTV

Access Hollywood, NBC

Bad Dog!, Animal Planet

Master Blasters, Sci-Fi Channel

Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, TLC

America’s Most Wanted, Lifetime

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, VH1

E! True Hollywood Stories, E!

Blow Out, Bravo

Seeing StarsTV Guide Channel

Christmas Fun in the SunTravel Channel

Crazy for ChristmasTravel Channel

Hi-Jinks, Nickelodeon

Love is in the Heir, E!

Desire, MyNetworkTV

Hoarders, Bravo

Biography, A&E

Livin’ LargeHeritage

Steve Harvey’s Los Angeles, The Travel Channel

The Rob Nelson Show, Fox Broadcasting


The Call To Serve (industrial video), Just Add Firewater

Antitrust and Competition Law, Navex Global

Ethics and Code of Conduct, Navex Global

Speech Boost (music therapy albums), National Association of Child Development

Global Corruption and Bribery (industrial video), LRN Inc.

Vancouver Vagabond (as digital orchestrator), Pictfire Films

Zeitbyte Promo SpotZeitbyte Digital Media

Anthem (audiobook), Highbridge Audio

Nevada Fair Housing Center (commercial spot), Fiercely Independent Films

Infusion Freedom: Learning to Self-Infuse (educational CD-ROM), M2 Communications

Behind the Badge: The LAPD Experience, BRC Imagination Arts

Antibody-Targeted Chemotherapy: A-PAC, M2 Communications

Job Track (PSA), Caliban Filmworks

Venus Unveiled (motion simulator ride, Sigourney Weaver v/o), iWerks

The Rattler (motion simulator ride), iWerks

Flying with the Blue Angels (motion simulator ride), iWerks

Raceway (educational video), Mitroff Media Makers

Visiones Del Mundo Hispano (educational CD-ROM), John Wiley & Sons

CPAce Interactive Decision Cases (industrial CD-ROM), Educational Services Institute

Managing Projects in Organizations (industrial CD-ROM), Educational Services Institute

The Learn Project (PSA series, dir. Brek Eisner), Wild Track Productions

Orchestral concert music

Quintet for Guzheng and Strings (2022), 15 min, commissioned by Cinian Zheng-Durbin and Ames Town & Gown Chamber Music Association

Xian 700 A.D. (2020), concerto for orchestra and guzheng, three movements, 30 min., commissioned by Hanyi Inc.

Lament for Solo Violin: Nanking 1937 (2012), 3.5 min

Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (2012), 11min

Rhapsody for Guzheng and Piano (2011), 4min.

Identity: Zhongshan Zhuang (2010), concerto for orchestra and guzheng, three movements, 32 min., commissioned by Hanyi Inc.

Online media

Leave a Decent Comment: Section 230 & the Fight for the Future of the Internet, The Federalist Society

Glow the Unicorn: “Karma” (animated short),

Twenty-Three In Me (podcast episode),

Immortal Treachery (music for book series promotional videos), Allan Batchelder

FunkyFatHead (promo), GariosRise

Soap Opera,

Roll for Combat: Pathfinder (podcast), Roll for Combat

Roll for Combat: Starfinder (podcast), Roll for Combat

Time For Passion (web series), Korhan Gurocak

Hey We’re Back (podcast starring Jonathan Katz),

American Dream Life (web series), Prometheus Institute

MMO Voices (web series),

Hold, Please (web series),

Party Foul (online short), Live Planet / Anheuser-Busch

SW Gaming Now (podcast music),

Through The Aftermath (podcast music), (podcast music),

EthniCITY (web series),

Gaming Steve (podcast theme song),

Musical theatre

Gideon and the Blundersnorp (2020),  (full-length family musical)

The Bully Problem (2019) (full-length family musical)

Super Sidekick: The Musical (with Gregory Crafts) (2010), published by Samuel French / Concord Theatricals

A Feast of Snacks (2010), (anthology of short musicals)

Short films

Craving Greatness, Stephanie Keefer

Our Crisis (Cuba), Official Idea Productions

Healers, Imagination Bay

Anthem, Greg Bowyer Films

Genie and the Shark, Imagination Bay

Vermilion (dir. Aaron Sims), White Rock Lake Productions

Better Off Said, Momentum Entertainment

Celamy, Kulture Machine

Sissy Frenchfry (part of Available Men compilation), Wolfe Video

Broken, Momentum Entertainment

Baby Baby, Cenozoic Studios

Laughing Duck Talk Show Project, Laughing Duck Productions

Audrey and Einstein, Kulture Machine

Goose Down, M2 Productions

Drawing Conclusions (additional music), M2 Productions

The Stagebenders: Watch My Video!, Laughing Duck Productions

Dead Line, Fiercely Independent Films

The Spangled Star, Joshua Chandler Productions

Tunnel Vision, Momentum Entertainment

The List (w/Len Lesser and Billy Vera), Paul F. Ryan Productions

Big Bucks for Buddha, Zoom Productions

Dust and Other Particles of Attraction (w/Frank Whaley and Kathy Griffin), Jason Enseler

Do You Believe in Miracles? (additional music), POV Television

High Adventure!, Russ Matthews

The Suspect, NY Film’s Eye

Swashbuckler, Bill Van Ness

The Gospel Libel, POV Television

Talissa’s Toll, Tom Abernathy

The Psyche Major, Bob Laws

Gristle, Jeff Sommerville

Kissing and Other Bodily Functions, Josh Apter

The Clown, Anya Schmitt

Morituri Te Salutant // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  1. Morituri Te Salutant // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  2. Emerald, Texas // Highlights
  3. Mythic Battle // Highlights
  4. The Yard Sale // Michael Gordon Shapiro - Highlights
  5. Investigations // Highlights
  6. Home Room // Highlights
  7. Sands of Arabia // Highlights
  8. Spider Cult // Highlights
  9. Poker Night // Highlights