The F-Zone

The F-Zone

Genre : Political thriller
Director : Bill Harrity
  1. End Titles
  2. Escaping the Country
  3. The Audit
  4. Leaving The Ranch / Work Montage
  5. John’s Death
  6. Flying From Arcadia

The film

The F-Zone is a David-v-Goliath story about a lone filmmaker taking on an out-of-control Internal Revenue Service. (Here the “f” stands for “federal”.) The story involves political intrigue, plane chases, and a scandal involving the 14th amendment of the Constitution. Filmmaker Bill Harrity not only wrote and starred in the film, but did his own plane stunts!

The score

Though the story is intimate, I wanted the music to enhance the sense of depth and scope. The score uses an orchestral palette to evoke not only the tension of the cat-and-mouse plotline, but the sense of loss of the hapless protagonist whose modest life is taken from him and the heroism of his eventual triumph. The score enjoyed a fabulous performance by Los Angeles union players at the now-defunct O Henry studios.

End Titles // The F-Zone
  1. End Titles // The F-Zone
  2. Escaping the Country // The F-Zone
  3. The Audit // The F-Zone
  4. Leaving The Ranch / Work Montage // The F-Zone
  5. John’s Death // The F-Zone
  6. Flying From Arcadia // The F-Zone