The Lost Citadel

The Lost Citadel

Genre : RPG/fantasy
  1. Redoubt
  2. Tidewater
  3. The Undercity
  4. Beyond the Walls

The game

The Lost Citadel is a D&D adventure created by Green Ronin, based on novel about the last bastion of civilization in a world overrun by zombies and similar terrors. What’s particularly interesting here is the combination of two usually distinct genres: swords-and-sorcery and post-apocalypse.

The score

The music evokes the desolation and disquiet of the game’s world. There’s a streak of primitivism in the orchestration, coming across as more raw and alien than the typical symphonic score. Simple folk instruments creep into the foreground, suggestive of the kinds of musical resources that might remain in a broken civilization.

From a technical standpoint, the music comes via Syrinscape, a system for delivering realtime audio atmospheres for tabletop RPGs.

Redoubt // The Lost Citadel
  1. Redoubt // The Lost Citadel
  2. Tidewater // The Lost Citadel
  3. The Undercity // The Lost Citadel
  4. Beyond the Walls // The Lost Citadel