Strange Rain

Strange Rain

Platform : iOS, Android
Publisher : Opertoon
  1. Strange Rain — Cumulus Effect

The game

Strange Rain isn’t a traditional game but an alluring interactive experience with a nonlinear story component. In the simplest form of the experience, the user manipulates a rainy overcast sky through touch, guiding the stream of rain and otherwise tweaking the weather in unexpected ways. In a more intriguing Story Mode the user’s touches prompt text thought fragments which can interrelate both visually and narratively. The overall experience is hard to describe, but is haunting and beautiful.

The score

I composed one of several ambient scores for the project. Originally fragmented into small sections that advance with a touch — like turning the crank on a music box — it’s presented here in continuous form.

Strange Rain — Cumulus Effect // Strange Rain
  1. Strange Rain — Cumulus Effect // Strange Rain