Home Room

Home Room

Genre : Drama
Director : Paul F. Ryan
Featured actors : Erika Christensen, Busy Philipps, Victor Garber
  1. Breakdown
  2. Two Girls
  3. Van Zandt’s Flashback
  4. The Mirror
  5. Main Theme
  6. Going Home

The film

A moving drama concerning the psychological aftermath of a school shooting. Erika Christensen and Busy Philipps play girls from opposite social circles who find common ground in the wake of traumatic events. Victor Garber plays a police detective trying to make sense of an unthinkable tragedy.

The score

Though the music is often poignant in tone, I also wanted the score to reflect the sense of isolation and numbness felt by the principal characters. I supplemented the piano and strings with bass flute, bower prayer bowls, swung plastic tubes, hammered dulcimer, and ocarinas — instrumental colors which I thought could convey a sense of detachment and alienation.

Breakdown // Home Room
  1. Breakdown // Home Room
  2. Two Girls // Home Room
  3. Van Zandt’s Flashback // Home Room
  4. The Mirror // Home Room
  5. Main Theme // Home Room
  6. Going Home // Home Room