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29 June 2011

Michael scores iOS games “Wizard Ops” and “Strange Rain”

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Wizard Ops

Michael is writing music for Phkyen Media’s forthcoming iOS game Wizard Ops, as well as the critically-acclaimed Strange Rain title from Opertoon.

Wizard Ops is a traditional running/shooter series title featuring a team of stylized wizards running a gauntlet of Renaissance-esque opponents. Michael’s music combines orchestral fantasy scoring with modernistic touches and an undercurrent of humor.

Opertoon’s top-selling iOS app (#1 on U.S. iPad entertainment charts) Strange Rain is an immersive experience featuring music against a changing backdrop of stormy weather and a nonlinear narrative story. Michael’s piano score, to be offered as an expansion to the app, features an impressionistic accompaniment that, like the visuals, slowly becomes “stranger” over time.


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