Fantasy Adventure 
Honor and Steel
Morituri Te Salutant
Journey to Entrath
Wizard Ops Tactics
Song of Greywood
Depths of Winter
The Vennen

Fantasy / Ethnic

Clash of the Emirates
Sands of Arabia
Wrath of the Shin Hare
Dusk Over Ancient Koryo

Action / Suspense

Raid in Damascus
Pugnacious Rex
The Assault Begins

Fun and Casual

Playground Jam
Cave Critters
Beach Battle!
Into the Skullcano

Horror / Survival

The Necrotic
Darkmoon Marsh

Trailers and Cinematics

Troubles Overture


Call of the Aztecs
Journey by Camel


Tropical bed
Woodland Murmurs

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Watch and listen to the intro cinematic for Empire Earth 2. Music recorded with the Budapest Film Orchestra and Chorus. Courtesy of Vivendi Games.
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