My music for Strange Rain

Erik Loyer's Strange Rain isn't a traditional iOS game, but rather an audiovisual "experience" with user interactivity and a touch of interactive fiction. The core experience is of a rainstorm on a cloudy day, as viewed from below. Via the touchscreen, the user can adjust the intensity of the rain or advance through an enigmatic first-person narrative. All the while the world's visuals grow more surreal by subtle increments.

With each screen touch, the user hears a fragment of a musical score, making the experience something like playing an instrument. The end result is uniquely engrossing, with both music and the sounds of nature responding to one's fingertips.

I wrote one of Strange Rain's musical accompaniments. In the app, you experience the music in fragments that are subject to unpredictable effects.  On this page I've posted the "album version" of the music for free download.

Check out the Strange Rain app for iOS.

Cumulus Effect