Extended Demo

This page features an extended selection of Michael's music, organized by mood and genre. For more focused selections, visit the film music and game music pages.

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Fantasy / Adventure 
Honor and Steel
Climactic orchestral theme with a medieval epic feel.
The Storm Gathers
Theme for orchestra with a fantasy/adventure feel.
Song of Greywood
Ethereral vocals over orchestra, with an epic fantasy flavor. (Vocal performance by Jennifer Lindsay.)
Clash of the Emirates
A pulsing battle cue featuring orchestra and ethnic drums.
Darkmoon Marsh
Sands of Arabia
The Industrious Villagers
Quirky march featuring mallet percussion and mechanical sounds.
Morituri Te Salutant
Epic dramatic piece for orchestra and chorus.
Magic of the Ancients
A mystical, enigmatic melody that grows in scope and energy. Features piano, orchestra, and a few touches of electronic ambience.


Federation Victory
Triumphant and anthemic final victory cue.
The Troops Arrive
Heroic, militaristic theme for the good guys.
Above the World
Celestial, cold, ethereal - the music of the depths of space.
Star Trek Conquest - Defeat
Somber militaristic defeat music.
The Armada Prepares
Sci-fi underscore, initially anticipatory, then shifting into a tenser mood.


The F-Zone End Titles
Moody, sweeping main title for piano and orchestra.
Home Room
All Over Again
Lyrical orchestral theme with a yearning quality.
Delena Dies
Tense, dramatic, and ultimately elegiac cue for orchestra.
Dusk in Ancient Koryo
Mournful theme featuring English horn and strings.


The Assault Begins
Hybridized orchestral/rock/percussive action cue. Sci-fi/action feel.
Siege of the Sultan
Battle music featuring Mideastern percussion, reinforced with orchestral elements.
Tunnel Vision
Frenetic action cue that builds to a fortissimo climax.
Pugnacious Rex
The First Wave
Raucous fast-paced rock cue.

Sentimental / Family

First Kiss
Delicate, tender, and lyrical orchestral cue.
The Treehouse
Warm and sentimental interlude for orchestra
The Big Game
Anthemic, Americana-infused sequence with a triumphant climax.
Building the Bat
Energetic rhythmic/orchestral hybrid cue with a touch of mystery.
Things to Do Before We Die
Elegiac and sweeping end title for oboe, piano, and orchestra.
The Yard Sale
Nostalgic and warm, with an Americana feel. For strings and solo clarinet.

Contemporary and pop styles

Motown Groove
High-energy groove for horns and rhythm section.
Poker Night
Classic swing-style cue for big band
Better Off Said
Bouncy two-step ragtime cue for violin, piano, and drums.
Audrey and Einstein
Comedic, European-flavored tune for accordion and piano.
Kids Zone

Fun and Animation

Follow that Duck
Frenetically-paced cue in the classic orchestral animation scoring style
Troubles Overture
Hybrid orchestral/rock overture with a quirky edgy quality.
Unlikely Heroes (shorter)
Grooving, quirky theme for low saxes, drums, and exotic percussion.
Monster Mayhem
Wild frenetic high-energy orchestral cue.
Fisticuffs Of The Gods
Loud combatitive music with an apocalyptic tone.

Suspense / Thriller

Alone in Darkness
Dissonant, pulsing and atmospheric horror cue
Agitated and alien, for exotic percussion and shakuhatchi.
The Bedroom
Sensual and edgy guitar-based atmospheric cue.
The Final Painting
Moody and disquieting suspense, for piano, strings, and solo cello.
Detuned piano, fiddle drones, and exotic bells create a disquieting atmosphere.