Extended Demo

This page features an extended selection of Michael's music, organized by mood and genre. For more focused selections, visit the film music and game music pages.

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Fantasy / Adventure 
Honor and Steel
The Storm Gathers
Song of Greywood
Clash of the Emirates
Darkmoon Marsh
Sands of Arabia
The Industrious Villagers
Morituri Te Salutant
Magic of the Ancients


Federation Victory
The Troops Arrive
Above the World
Star Trek Conquest - Defeat
The Armada Prepares


The F-Zone End Titles
Home Room
All Over Again
Delena Dies
Dusk in Ancient Koryo


The Assault Begins
Siege of the Sultan
Tunnel Vision
Pugnacious Rex
The First Wave

Sentimental / Family

First Kiss
The Treehouse
The Big Game
Building the Bat
Things to Do Before We Die
The Yard Sale

Contemporary and pop styles

Motown Groove
Poker Night
BOS-End Title (ride version)
Audrey and Einstein
Kids Zone

Fun and Animation

Follow that Duck
Troubles Overture
Unlikely Heroes (shorter)
Monster Mayhem
Fisticuffs Of The Gods

Suspense / Thriller

Alone in Darkness
The Bedroom
The Final Painting