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17 September 2010

Cue of the Week: “Things in the Dark”


As the title implies, this weeks’s selection is a dark and ambient musical atmosphere. Pulsing brass in their lowest register and woodwind trills help usher in the creepiness.

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Things in the Dark


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  1. Hi Bret,Just wanted to let you know how faiatstnc this tool is! I’m a composer and whenever I use mulitphonics, timbre trill etc. I like to notate the fingerings in the score and parts. This tool makes it’s so much easier both for the composer and the musicians! Thank you so much! I love that you can use colors to show the trills but would it be possible to have the option to show a trill sign as well/instead? I’ve seen this in a lot of scores and although using colors is great in educational settings (fingering charts and so on) scores are usually printed in black/white. This is just a future suggestion as it’s fairly easy to achieve this by adding a trill sign in Sibelius or Finale, but I would be great to have it in your faiatstnc tool as well! Thanks again,Anders

  2. My dog steals whole zucchini out of the neighbor’s garden. She’s a weird one too.I am excited to try that pad Thai recipe! I will probably end up using soy sauce too because the only place I can find coconut aminos around here is online.

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