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06 January 2017

Cue of the Week: “The Ghostly Foyer”


This cue from Gree/Vitei’s “Ghost Attackers VR” (currently thrilling arcade-goers in Tokyo) accompanies the first level of the game. A first-level cue can effectively define a game score, since it’s the music players are likely to hear most frequently. In this case, the music reflects the madcap pacing of the arcade experience, and the zany-yet-spooky quality of the visuals.

The music is © GREE, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


2 Responses

  1. Doug Mayfield

    I like the cue. [ Below, I’m probably asking about the obvious but I’ll plunge ahead anyway. 🙂 ]
    There is definitely a spooky quality to the music. Does the fact that it’sfor a game rule out using something really harsh and scary, say for example, the theme from Halloween or Psycho?
    I guess I’m asking about the choice of how to do the mix of terror and fun in the music.

  2. Christopher Schlegel

    Zany & spooky, indeed. You got that one by the tail. The orchestration & arrangement of materials & timbres is outstanding. A lot of forward motion, a clearly stated motif & even a little development all in 70 seconds. Well done, as usual!

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