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22 May 2015

Cue of the Week: “Postcard Therapy”


The music for Emerald, Texas‘s last scene has a happy-go-lucky vibe, with guitars segueing into a finale for piano and strings. (The film’s denouement is less straightforward than this cue suggests!)

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Postcard Therapy

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  1. Doug Mayfield

    Nice cue. My curiosity. For the purposes of writing music, is a whistler considered ‘an instrument’ or somewhat like a singer? That is, how might you choose to write a whistler into the music and are there those who whistle professionally?

  2. It was called the Sandpiper and bnuerd to the ground during the winter, late ’70s is about right. Went there several times as a kid with parents, my brother worked there as a bus boy.

  3. That i don’t have the phrases to explain exactly how much Now i am thrilled which i managed to get below. Your posts offers grabbed my personal middle, quite frequently replenish any website page even though waiting around for an alternative report. Thank you very much!

  4. my goodness, your card is so beautiful! can't believe you created it with such difficulty in your shoulder. I have torn ligaments and rotator cuff and there is no way I could ever make something so lovely. ;)hope you can figure out your microwave soon…. thanks for a chance at such a fun prize!

  5. Le 22/11/2011 à 17h23 mais que fait peta 😮 !?! ça fait des année qu’hello kitty tue tout plein d’animaux pour mettre son gros cul dedans 😮 !! que quelqu’un l?arrête viteuh !!!!

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