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10 March 2017

Cue of the Week: “Not Lazarus”

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This week’s selection was written for the crime-thriller feature Maximum Justice, which in original release went by the perhaps more elegant name The Waterfront. Its story concerns an ex-Viet Nam vet who is betrayed by the mob and takes justice into his own hands, along with a variety of firearms.

I scored this film years ago, and have to admit that I have no memory of what was going on in this particular scene. Judging from the music, it was something foreboding.


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  1. Doug Mayfield

    I like the cue. Definitely a sense of foreboding. I wondered how you chose the instruments used in rendering it. That is, I found myself listening as if the cue had been played solely on the piano. Is there a method to this choice? (You mentioned that you don’t remember the scene, so it’s certainly possible that you may not remember how you made the choice of instruments.) TIA

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