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20 September 2019

Cue of the Week: “Dee and T”

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I’m happy to re-launch my Cue of the Week blog! By re-launch I mean resume, after a long period of neglect. Other than a few cosmetic details, nothing has changed; you’ll still hear a weekly selection of my music for film, games, concert music and other media.

Music for media by nature is bundled with its host project, and to be honest I’ve been lax about publishing soundtrack albums. This blog allows me to share work I’m proud of which you might not otherwise easily be able to hear.

* * *

Enough preamble! As I’m currently scoring a new feature film by my longtime collaborator George Adams, I thought I’d share the opening music from our previous film, Emerald, Texas. As this opener suggests, the score is a mix of Americana, chamber orchestra, and oddball sound design.

Guitars (as throughout the score) courtesy of the multitalented Kyle Johnson.


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