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30 May 2014

Cue of the Week: “Better Off Said”


To provide some perk to your Friday, here’s a bit of upbeat quasi-ragtime. This is the end title music for David Kiang’s dark comedy about a man afflicted with something halfway between divine inspiration and Tourette’s Syndrome. Performed by Alan Steinberger (piano) and Ludwig Girdland (violin).

(Click on the play button to stream, or the cue title to download.)

Better Off Said

3 Responses

  1. I really like this! It kind of reminds me of something I’d hear on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, actually, maybe over the credits of an episode.

  2. Doug Mayfield

    Nice cue. I liked the slow portion at the end.

    ‘Half way between divine inspiration and Tourette’s’ Does that mean he curses angelically? 🙂

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