Escaping Wonderland

Escaping Wonderland

Genre : VR puzzle-solving/adventure

    The game

    A spiritual successor to Cortopia’s hit Down the Rabbit Hole, Escaping Wonderland is a VR puzzle game that takes place in a familiar yet darker version of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy world.

    What starts as the puzzle-solving expedition of a plucky anonymous girl slowly reveals deeper stakes, as we learn more about our protagonist and the reason behind her adventure. The game combines humor, whimsy, and an honest portrayal of challenges that can arise in the human emotional landscape.

    The score

    The orchestral score retains the nimble humor and melodic focus as that of the prior game, but at over five times the duration is far more expansive. A particular melody is attached to a key story idea (no spoilers here!) and recurs throughout the game, sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly.

    The original score soundtrack will be released in September 2024. Stay tuned for more details!